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Black Sabbath

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Black Sabbath

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Black Sabbath

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Black Sabbath

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Black Sabbath

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Videoclip Black Sabbath - Black sabbath

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El título proviene del álbum : Black Sabbath - Deluxe Edition - Digipack

Tapa De Black Sabbath - Deluxe Edition - Digipack Black sabbath - Deluxe edition - Digipack
Black Sabbath Behind The Wall Of Sleep N.I.B. Evil Woman Sleeping Village Warning Wicked World Black Sabbath (Minus... - No hay videoclip Black Sabbath... The Wizard (With Jocular... - No hay videoclip Beyond The Wall Of Sleep... N.I.B. (Alternative Mix) - No hay videoclip Evil Woman, Don't Play... - No hay videoclip Sleeping Village... The Warning (Part One)

Letra de Black Sabbath

What Is This That Stands Before Me
Figure In Black That Points At Me
Turn Round Quick And Start To Run
Find Out You're The Chosen One, Oh No !

Big Black Shape With Eyes Of Fire
Telling People Their Desire
Stan Sitting There He's Smiling
Wathch Those Flames Get Higher And Higher, Oh No, Nox2

Please God Help Me !

This IS The End My Friend
Satan's Coming Round The Bend
People Running 'Cos They're Scared
Yes People Better Go And Beware
No ! No ! Please ! No !

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